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Question asked by Jeffrey Riley - September 11, 2014 at 9:52 AM
Hello all,
So I think I may have messed something up.  I had marked two bowlers as having paid their USBC dues a couple of days ago.  This morning when doing my validation, I realized that they had not paid yet.  I unchecked the "Already Paid - BA" so that is shows them as not having paid.  However, I am not getting the "Y" now in the "Owes Sanc" column on the Weekly Fees screen.  Any ideas what I messed up?
Thank you,
Jeff Riley

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"Already Paid" means that they paid their dues in another league. If you need to show that they owe/paid you money you enter it as "National BA" or which part they need to pay. Then you remove the amount when it shows up that they paid.
Sorry I indicated the wrong field.  I did have "National Dues - BA" checked originally.  I mistakenly said "Already Paid" in my original post.  So when I went back an removed the check mark from "National Dues - BA", the "Y" does not show up in the "Owes Sanc" column.  Sorry for the initial confusion.
You need to have the National Dues - BA checked so that the program knows that they need to pay something.
Then in the section below where it says "Total This Organization" there will be listed an Amount Due. Below that is the "Total Paid:" with an edit box showing the same amount. Remove the amount in the Total Paid box. When you hit the tab button, the amount will appear in the next line after "Total Due:"
This will also indicate on the Weekly Dues that the Sanction hasn't been paid and the "Y" will be shown.
Oh duh.  I am so sorry.  I should know that.  Thank you very much Raymond.

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