irrelevant message in lane assignment window
Problem reported by Chery Cooper - September 5, 2016 at 6:17 AM
BLS-2016/PRO v 28.07.05, MDB 2016 v., Win7
Every single time I select ANY date in the module where you assign position rounds, etc., the screen displays the following message:  "That date (it's always the date I am working in the program; e.g., today it was 09/05/2016) is before the beginning of the league (09/07/2016).  Please select another date for this week."  This time I selected the very last day of bowling -- sweeps -- to change the type of event to "Bowling for Averages Only." Seems like a glitch in the software to me.  Not earth-shattering, but annoying and unnecessary.  Thought you'd like to know so it can be resolved in a future "clean-up" update.  Thanks!!  (And, yes, I know 2017 is available; I'm waiting a couple of weeks to install it so the ever-present first-couple-of-weeks-after-release kinks to get worked out and after I get my leagues floored.)

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