Attaching league standing sheet to email bowlers direct instead of using
Question asked by timothy m young - September 4, 2016 at 7:27 AM
From what I understand I have to purchase BLS 2017 PRO. to be able to attach my League Standing sheet to my  email list.

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Maybe so, but you don't need PRO to use (LS).
I've to others' posts in this community who have preferred eschewing this service in favor of direct e-mail. I am not a shill for LS, but there are two key benefits from using them:
1. LS keeps your two most recent uploads as off-site backup. I've been using BLS for 15 seasons now and more than once, I've needed and successfully used such backups to restore leagues that were otherwise lost. If a fire/flood destroyed your computer and any external (on-site) backups such as an external or flash drive, this would be allow data for leagues to be recovered that way.
2. LS broadcasts your league to the public. My league gained a bowler just because he researched LS looking for a league to bowl in, was impressed at what ours contained, and he finished a season where an injury forced a vacancy. If a league has room to grow due to available lanes, I can't see why one wouldn't avail themselves to become a known entity.
Additionally to that, for the first upload of the season (and any subsequent upload for those who have new e-mail addresses added to their bowler information) each receives a one-time e-mail about the uploads and may subscribe for future e-mails after uploads. 
Bowlers can also optionally participate in Action Bowling (online tournaments) on Rolltech if their league(s) upload to LS. I won't delve into that here, but that can be explored separately and questions about that should be directed there.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.

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