Syncing BLS and MBD
Problem reported by Tom Bruner - August 31, 2016 at 12:27 PM
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BLS 2017 ver 29.3.5 and MBD 13.3.1
I am having trouble getting the programs to sync the databases. This is happening on all of myleagues. I have deleted MBD and reloaded it. When I try to sync the data bases it says duplicate bowler shows name. I have went in to both BLS and MBD and deleted the bowler from both files then reentered them in BLS try to sync the data bases and get the same results.
Any help would be appreciated.
Tom Bruner
League Coordinator
Cordova Bowling Center
Cordova, TN

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When you sync, you will need to match up EVERY bowler to what is in the DB already.
If you cleared the MBD and linked your first league, it should be fine without that message because no one is in the DB.  But each time you link another league, you have to walk through each bowler to tell BLS/MBD to use the bowler in the MBD or to add that bowler in BLS as a new bowler in case it's a different person than what is in the MBD.
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