Getting Info from Secretaries to the Scoring Monitors
Question asked by Karole Baker - August 16, 2016 at 12:44 PM
Bronson USBC and BRONSON STRIKE ZONE, Bronson, Michigan had a LOT of trouble last year. The 3 Secretaries who do their jobs on a personal computer and upload to League Secretary never had the correct info uploaded to the scoring monitors at the alley.  What operating system do we need to be on?  Do we need to be on the same one as the alley ? We took our back ups in to the alley, on flash drives, and they still were not able to get them. Do they (the alley ) need to purchase more than one product ? 
Karole Baker, Association Manager and League Secretary
Bronson USBC

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The operating system doesn't matter.  As long as they are on the same major version (for example, if the center has BLS-2017 then everyone needs to be on 2017) it should be fine.  Sometimes, there is a mid-season update that requires everyone to be at least to that level.  We had that with BLS-2016 where, I believe, 28.05.01 or higher needed to have everyone at 28.05.01 or higher due to changes necessary.
One key thing, so data isn't mixed up is to delete the league before restoring from the other.  So if the center is obtaining a copy of the league from the secretary, then the center would delete the league prior to restoring the backup. This way there isn't data mixed up with changes done by the secretary at home.
We have many centers do this successfully without issue.
CDE Software Staff
Remember to always make sure you've downloaded and installed the most current update to see if issues experienced have been corrected.

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