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Question asked by Kevin Decker - July 18, 2016 at 1:39 PM
Is there a way to setup a custom report that's similar to the financial detail report but would only include bracket details? 

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The ability to customize a report in T-Brac 2006 is there to include just three Bracket items (one of them for Side Pots payout), but since the amounts due/paid are incorporated with other entry fees for a tournament, you wouldn't be able to have them separated.
If you run a tournament in T-Brac 2006 and the only financials you do within T-Brac are Brackets, then that would work. But it sounds like you don't, since you're looking to have them separated.
I don't know what the status is of a successor T-Brac product--that is, how far along such a product's development is progressing to where it would be tested and eventually released/sold/upgraded, or for that matter, if such a feature would be available in such an advanced product. I know there have been several requests for such a successor, but that's as much as I could know. 
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