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Problem reported by Bette Hendrickson - June 4, 2016 at 11:46 AM
Standing sheet is not showing Team's high scratch game, series, handicap game, series next to the standings.  Shows season highs, but not highs on the team standing.

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A quick question: Was the team standings listing showing those items before and suddenly no longer display, or is this something you’re setting up for the first time and can’t figure out how?
I will work on the second response above, as I haven’t encountered any report on such item no longer displaying.
The program manual has information on configuring Standings Sheets starting at the bottom page 174. From the main screen, under the “Help” menu, choose “Program Manual”.
With your standing sheet displayed on the screen, near the upper right is a button marked “Change”. Click that to bring up a window where your standings layout can be configured.
In the second column (under the “Print” button, an item “Team Standings” should be in there. (If it’s not there, see below.) Click to highlight the Team Standings item.
With the Team Standings highlighted, in the lower right corner of that window, an example display should appear and it will show you how you have the standings list configured. You are probably looking to at least see “High Game”, “High Sers”, “HDCP Game”, and “HDCP Sers” and they are not there.
Closer to the center of the window is a field marked “Current Style” and a number should display there. A “Style” is a report format and can contain one or more items on each report line. It possible that you have selected a Style that doesn’t include the season highs for the team, or a Style was modified to omit them. In either case, click the blue button “Change Report Style” to bring up that configuration.
The window will now display all the various Styles that can be used and configured, and they are numbered 41 through 80. It’s entirely possible that you could select a different Style and find out that it now has what you want. Or, you could take whatever Style is currently in use (it will be the same as the displayed number in the previous paragraph) and modify it to include those items. To enable changing a Style, click the large yellow button “To hide this panel so you can change this style... click HERE!”
Instructions on how to add individual items, and to re-order them on the report lines, appear at the bottom of page 175 in the manual. You will be looking under the column “Data items available to use:” and not far from the top, under a blue divider “Team statistics” are the items “High Scratch Game”, “High Scratch Sers”, “High HDCP Game”, and “High HDCP Sers” as well as “Hi ‘10 & 30’ Scratch” and HCDP; those last two combine the scratch and handicap game and series into a paired melded column. To add an item to the Style (and thus to your Standings), highlight the desired item, then click “Add Item” until all are added as needed. Then, if you want to change the sequence, highlight an item in the right column and click either “Move Item UP” or “Move DOWN” as desired...again, all of this appears on page 175 of the manual.
If you have further questions, please look through the manual, and if still stuck, feel free to reply here.
For future posts: Please indicate your version number of BLS-2016 (will be in the format “28.0#.##”) as sometimes a particular version was made available for download to address an issue that might be your case, and while you’re at it, please update to the newest version if you are not currently updated.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.

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