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Question asked by Mark Eagy - May 17, 2016 at 9:55 PM
Unless I'm missing it somewhere, I REALLY, REALLY miss the "Subs should be left on the teams they bowled with when changing weeks." checkbox. When we had that with old BLS32, I would print the standings (showing where subs bowled and in which spot in the lineup to verify match points), turn that check off, then roll over to the next week. Easy
My method now is to make all subs "S" so they show on the printed roster, roll over the week, then remove (F4) all "S" subs team by team. It would be nice to use the "T" setting as designed.
If there was a check box to show Temporary subs with and where they bowled in the League Standings Rosters section, that would be awesome.

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Right now, the feature to leave the names/scores shown on standings for a temporary sub with the team the sub bowled in - is not a feature.   If a person is marked as a temporary sub, they will be removed off the roster in the standings and off the team when advancing to the next week. 
We've been discussing this behavior for possible things for BLS-2017.
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