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Problem reported by Chery Cooper - February 26, 2016 at 8:48 AM
3/1/16 - still waiting for input on this one...
BLS-2016/Pro v. 28.06.05, Win 7
Before updating to 28.06.05, did a "restart" league for next season for league 1 and all bowlers imported on teams as desired.  After update, did same for league 2 with problems:  got multiple error messages including "This file is missing: C\Users\Public\Documents\bls2016\hdbc_t_2016-17.blr
Program cannot continue as it is a required file."  Tried to restart again, got it to do it, but now all bowlers are removed from the roster.  I would like to delete the newly created file and do this over again to try to get all my bowlers to import on the teams they currently are on. (1) How to delete all files associated with re-started league #2.  (2) Trying to figure what I did wrong to cause all bowlers to be removed.  I did not specify that in the screen that asks various questions (keep/not keep) about data in current league going into re-started league.  Thoughts?

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We're not able to reproduce at this time.  Please email the following to
  1. The most recent backup original league you tried to copy for next season.
  2. The most recent backup of the problematic copied league
  3. The explanation again of what you posted.
CDE Software Staff
Remember to always make sure you've downloaded and installed the most current update to see if issues experienced have been corrected.

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