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Question asked by Dan Tereck - February 20, 2016 at 2:06 PM
Can BLS handle Team Divisions, where the teams all bowl against each other, but using regressive point system, only get points based on the teams within their divisions?  We have two leagues in our city that operate this way, and no one can find a way for BLS to handle it.

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BLS-2016 does support Regressive Points; however, they do not appear to be supported by division, after running a test.
It took me a little time, but I set up my large league as a two-division test. Without going into details, the highest team in the second division did not get awarded the maximum number of regressive points, but rather a number of points based on its standing within the entire league. Still, I will tell you how to access it. However, you really don't need to turn them on (as described below) since an override would still be necessary.
In BLS-2016, Regressive Points are found under the "Team Points" tab in your Rules. With that tab open, scrolling down, there is a light blue bar that reads "Non-Standard Team Points", and below that, there is an item in bold "Teams earn Regressive Points?" You'd slide the switch to "Yes". You then would need to enter the number of points the first place team would get for each game and the series, as applicable (4 teams, 4 points; 8 teams, 8 points, and so on).
The regressive points come into the standings when printed; they do not show when you are entering scores. Also, on the standings and other reports, there doesn't appear to be any way of forcing Regressive Points to display as a separate item...they are simply added to the total in each team's WON column.
Given that, your best practice would be to have the leagues manually adjust their teams' wins via a points override, which is part of scores entry. That's really the only place to do it, and I realize this would take an extra bit of work as each game would have to be assessed to determine the number of points for each team, plus the series. Once determined, for each team, access the overrides (the "Overrides" button is at the top center of the scores entry window) and change the "Points Won" appropriately. (Thankfully, you need not bother with entering an explanation at the bottom where it asks "Why are you entering an override?")
The regressive points can be the only points teams earn (you'd set up the game/series points for the teams to be zero), or they could augment wins/losses based on the direct competition (the "standard" way).
I'm sorry that I can't figure out a way to automatically configure regressive points by division...the only easy way I see of doing this would be to have each division as a separate league in BLS, and with that option, automatic regressive points would indeed be possible. However, a league that's split into multiple BLS league files won't be able to automatically recognize overall high average/series/game, etc., league-wide, but they would work division-wide. Further, you'd have to do a little extra work if there are playoffs between teams from different divisions.
Do look at your manual, just the same: This is mentioned on page 99 (the manual can be opened in Acrobat Reader, and is easily accessed under BLS-2016's Help menu). I found it rather quickly searching just for the word "regressive".
On the CDE Software support boards, I don't recall seeing regressive points discussed much if at all in the 14 seasons I've used BLS, but perhaps two feature requests could be made for BLS-2017: (1) Enable regressive points by division (put a switch in the team points rules to select it to be either by division or by the entire league); and (2) Create Regressive Points as an item that could be part of a Style for reports/standings when leagues use them.
In light of all of this, please allow me to tip my hat (and if you would, please share my regards) to these leagues for using a creative points scheme. Sometimes operating a little differently can help attract/recruit more members.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.
Thank you so much for the wonderfully detailed response to my question.
After all my experiments, I thought that the overrides might be the only solution.
Both leagues keep a separate spreadsheet to calculate and track all of the team points within each Division. They manually do the regressive points for each game, and each week bring a printout of the points each team won in each game of the previous week, plus of course, their point totals within the split and for the entire season (aggregate).
Our bowling centre uses the BLS program (it's integrated into their system), and right after bowling each week, they produce the latest standing sheets and post them online.  It is frustrating in one way, because ALL of the team points are wrong, ALL THE TIME!  On the other hand, all the individual bowler statistics are right, so people can see their individual stats online at any time.
I hope that your suggestions for future improvements to BLS will be taken seriously by the developers and the program will be able to handle this requirement.
The format that these leagues have implemented is creative, and it could be used in several different ways, depending on what sort of criteria is used to create the "Divisions".  And the leagues like the idea of teams bowling against/with every other team in the league (rather than just within their own division), for the social aspects.
Thanks again!

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