Awards Earned not showing local association awards earned specific awards
Problem reported by Judith Cook - February 6, 2016 at 4:53 PM
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I have a bowler that earned a specific award from my local association, but it is not appearing in the "Awards Earned This Week."  I went back to week 1, verified all the information for that local award, and everything is correct.
I have the most current version of BLS-2016/PRO 28-06-03.  
So I am at a loss as to what the problem may be.

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Is the bowler properly sanctioned? Average Based award requiring a certain number of games? Do other "Local Association" awards show? Has this award shown before with another bowler?
What are the specifications for the award? Just because you think they are correct, they may not be and there are SO many different settings, we would have to go through every setting as the problem.
Without giving all of the specifications of the award, NO ONE will be able to tell you what may be the problem.
Give all the specs as set up for the award. Give the specs of the bowler and the scores. With more information, we may be able to determine what setting is wrong.
One other thing you may want to try is to remove and replace the award. Sometimes they are not properly recognized by the program and need to be redone.
Do you have the Local Associations Awards marked in the rules?
I have put in awards for the local association and have had no one receiving any awards from any of my leagues adult and youth. I know that there should be some that have been earned.  I have installed from previous version and I still have nothing.  I know that there are a lot of ways to set up our awards but I would like it to be pretty general.  Do you have any suggestions? 
Do you have it set to track local awards in your rules setup?
Are you sure that the awards are set up correctly? What settings on the awards?
Did you read the previous posts for possible answers?
I am experiencing the same problem Ms. Cook is.  And I figure it's something I've set up wrong, though I know not what that is.
The specifics of this instance:  The male bowler has an average of 136 and bowls a 233.  He bowled that game after bowling 36 games in the league. He should be eligible for local association awards of "75 Pins Over Average" and 225 award.
I am using BLS-2016 Version 28.06.07 on a Windows 7 platform.
Under Setup -> Rules -> Special Options The Local Assoc. Awards toggle is set to "Yes"
Under the Certify -> Bowler Membership  This bowler (as are all the other bowlers) have the "Bowler is Certified" toggle on because I am not using BLS for the financial aspect of member certification. This is a traveling league and all bowlers have paid through their other leagues.
Under Leagues -> Awards -> Local and Center  The Local Awards tab has this description of the 225 Award:  Assoc Required: USBC/Type of Award: Game/Frequency: Once per Season/"Award applies to" has check marks in all four boxes/Award Based On: Score between a range/Applies to: Any eligible score/USBC Assoc has both BA and WBA boxes checked/Score must be at least 225 and no more than 249/Must bowl at least 12 games (use book avg if less is also checked/Avg must be between 0 and 175
For the "75 Pins over Avg", the basic data is the same, and the Pins over average at least 75 and no more than 99.
So as far as I can tell, the bowler is certified, the program is looking for local awards, and the awards are set properly. yet this individual is not showing up as an award winner.
Let me also add two other points:  1) NO ONE is earning any local association awards!  I know that is likely to be very relevant to my issue, so I throw that out as a clue to the investigation.  But whatever I need to do to show this specific bowler has earned an award, the others will also show up.  2) My wife is a Secretary/Treasurer of another league and also uses BLS.  Her local association awards ARE showing up.  My review of her league shows no change in the awards setup, though she does have to deal with certifying members.
Hopefully, this detailed information will be enough to discover the problem and set me on the right track.  Thanks for your attention to this.
It looks like your settings are correct. Try setting up another award with the same settings. I once had a problem that it wasn't detecting the awards. Set up a new one with the exact same settings and those worked. It may be that your award is corrupt.
If that doesn't work, send a backup of your league to CDE and they will be able to determine the problem.

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