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Question asked by John Burns - January 24, 2016 at 5:01 AM
Is there a way to display two sets of standing on the press sheet? 1 for the round and 1 for overall

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I'm trying to understand you terminology here. You say "round", I'm going to have to guess that you mean the current segment of the season (quarter, half, whatever your league uses) and "overall" meaning team points for the entire season.
If this is the case, no, the press sheet is only to include one iteration of team points standings.
It won't be possible to have a single report sort the teams by standings for the current segment and have a second section sort by year to date points, either. The setting that controls that is the "Split Season" tab of the Rules. The very last item on that screen contains the switch.
Usually, the only time a league would want to show points for the overall season is at the very end of the season, on an end-of-season report. You might be able to configure customized reports, but they will have to be two separate reports rather than a single one.
For future support questions, please include your version number of BLS-2016 (which is in the format of 28.##.## and is plainly visible when BLS is first launched, or in the top title bar when a league is open, on the main screen.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.
This is how I would change my press sheet if I used it.
  1. Click on the Weekly tab.
  2. Click on Preview &Print Weekly tab.
  3. Click on click on select/ Edit tab.
  4. Click on Press Sheet
  5. In the middle column click on Team Standing
  6. Click on Change Report Style #47  tab.
  7. Click on CLICK HERE! Tab.
  8. Click on Yes tab.
Here is where make the changes.
  1. In the Data items in current style column mind has: Place, Team Number, Team Name, Points Won, Points Lost, and Total Pins (all scores + HDCP).
  2. In the data items available to use column. Go to Team Standing & Point area. Click on Year-to-Date Won.
  3. Click on Add Item tab.
  4. If you choose to move any of the items in the Data items in current style column. Click on the item you want to move. Then click on the Move Item up tab or the Move Item down tab.
Hopefully this is what you would need to do to solve your problem.

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