Last Week's Top Game Scores - Error (again) Email Ticket: [0EB-1E1F7CAA-0514]
Problem reported by Brendan Keyport - January 6, 2016 at 12:32 AM
Not A Problem
BLS-2016 Version 28.06.01 
Ok, the "Last Week top game scores" (High Game Scores) standings sheet item fails again. 
This time, it's grabbing the wrong high scores. As an example, Game 1, I would have the high game scratch at 232, and it's using Adam's 224. The full list of errors is below: 
I have sent in  a backup of the league as of this week for your use, ticket in subject. 
PDF Page 3 of the standings sheet: Page Three
PDF Full scores, showing errors: Worksheet

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As I continue to send you files that open up and load the current week, and you keep stating the week is empty, I'm closing this issue as unable to be solved. Please close this thread and the ticket on the email. 

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