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Question asked by Dennis Madden - December 26, 2015 at 9:56 AM
My Assn. asks us to send in avg. list as of 12/31 and after the league is done.  It asks for
Last Name, First name
Certification Number.
I have the sheet ready but can't get the 2nd thru 5th pages not to have a header that only shows the above stuff.  I have the box checked for
after 1st page header will be brief.  Why isn't it?  It still shows the league name, Center Name I only gain one name???

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Dennis, I'm not going to have every answer to every question.
I read this when I didn't have my laptop at hand to be able to look into any solution, and admittedly, this didn't quite have the urgency some other questions had...that is, I didn't believe that the association wouldn't accept your report if pages two and on had more "info" at the top than you wanted.
Now that I'm looking at it, I have to ask a few questions...are you using the "Final Average Report" that's pre-defined in the Reports section, and modified the Style to have it include the items you list above? I ask, because the first 18 reports are pre-defined (although you can modify the Style, which I presume that you managed to do) but many of the heading and report types are grayed out as being non-modifiable. But there are a number of user-defined reports lower down, with blue labels instead of black, and the whole thing can be customized.
Given that, I will presume that you haven't yet changed one of the user-defined reports for this. But you can easily do so. Highlight the Final Average Report (at the top, in black). Then, near the upper right, click on "Copy & Paste" and select "Copy Report Definition". Then, highlight one of the available user-defined reports at the bottom (if not yet defined, they will say "User Defined Report ##". Once highlighted, go back to "Copy & Paste" and then choose "Paste Report #5 Definition" (#5 will be displayed as the Final Average Report is the 5th in the list). Click the "Yes" button in the dialog.
From here, you can modify things not modifiable in the above. The third item "Type of Report Heading" may be a key one for you. I would try every option and Preview to see what page 1 displays, as well as the remaining pages. You may do well with the option "Brief Headings".
I hope this works for you somewhat, even if not perfectly so. I await your feedback.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.
Thanks Frank I will try to remember it for my final reports.  Already mailed the 6 pages for this one.  It was a user defined report.  The one provided had the wrong info.  It would be nice to have a generic report that could be used for anything rather than so many cookie cut ones.  Happy New year...

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