"Windows Error getting printer handle. Access is denied."
Problem reported by Gregory Chapman - December 24, 2015 at 11:48 PM
Not A Problem
I'm running BLS-2016 v. 28.06.01 on Windows 10 Home Edition. I have never seen this error before, but it suddenly started yesterday when I was running the last version of BLS-2016. When I try to preview the standings sheet, I receive the error I listed in the subject line. I've tried updating my printer drivers and BLS-2016, as well as rebooting both the program and my computer. The printer is a shared device on my home network. I can successfully print a test page from my computer and print from other programs. The Microsoft printer troubleshooter finds no problems with my printer. The program seems to be designed to verify the printer before it generates a printable document, so I can't create a PDF file I can email and print from Adobe Acrobat. Has anyone else seen this problem?

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Is the printer properly listed as the default printer? I know in the past, there were some problems with printing if the default printer wasn't properly defined.
Hi, Kerry!
Thanks for your help. I noticed at first the printer was not listed as the default and thought that was the problem. After I set my printer as the default, however, the problem has persisted.
Problem solved! With the last Windows 10 update, the old printer driver was apparently no longer viable. I downloaded the latest driver for Windows 10 and all is now well!

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