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Question asked by Dean Skoog - December 18, 2015 at 5:50 AM
BLS-2016 Pro Ver. 28.05.11
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I know this is unique and unusual  and minor issued and possible one major one. We bowl 31 weeks in which the last three weeks we have league playoffs and fun nights. Our house has 16 lanes 8 teams on one set 8 lanes 8 on the other set of lanes (2 different leagues). So on week 15 we bowl on the opposite set lanes for instance if we start on 1-8 lanes for the first 14 weeks and then we switch to 9-16 lanes to finish the season off. So here is the minor issue.  So at the end week 14 I decided print the recaps for week 15 on top it says secretary is on  lane one it should be on lane nine. All the recaps does show lanes 9-16. Now this could be major issue. How do I change the line up for week 15 for the blank recaps. I advance to week 15 an adjusted the roster that didn’t work. Also I went where you enter the scores and adjusted there that didn’t work either.  So is this an issue or it can’t be done. I never blank printed recaps before so I don’t know if this is a issue.

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In the lane assignments, click on week 15.  Then click the 1st pair at the top and change to 9-10 and say to change for the remaining weeks.   
In week 14, BLS still thinks the lanes start at 1-2, so do the following (which actually you should just make a practice doing all the time):
  • After scores have been imported (in your example, lets say week 14), check the scores. (Or if using Pro/Standard, enter by hand)
  • Print the standings
  • Check for awards
  • Print the lane statistics (if needed)
  • Advance to next week (15 in your example)
  • Print recaps (so that your printing recaps IN the week they are bowling for)
  • Export to the scoring system (If AutoScoring).
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Lance I did that and all lanes are correctly stated on the sheet but issue is what lane the secretary is bowling (aka on top of the sheet) is incorrect. Thanks Lance for answering the second issue.
I made a mistake in my first response. Everything opposite we didn't start on lanes 1-8 we stared on lanes 9-16, But the issue is still same. Since we are past that week the issue doesn't matter any more. If you want see what meant I have a pdf file attach to a response or sent it by email. I will need to know how to attach to a response.

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