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Idea shared by Brendan Keyport - October 9, 2015 at 10:37 AM
I have a team that rotates their bowlers - I would like to be able to preset from week to week a rotation schedule, so that the handicap (which is based on the first 4 bowlers) would adjust automatically. 
In this case, We have 4 person teams. 
Bowler 1 becomes bowler 5 (Sub/Non-bowler)
Bowler 2 becomes bowler 1
Bowler 3 becomes bowler 2
Bowler 4 becomes bowler 3
Bowler 5 (Sub/Non-Bowler) becomes bowler 4

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Maybe someone else knows how, but I see this as a manual change each week to the roster line-up since it is not a common activity for most leagues/teams to be a BLS setting.
When you do the scores, verify BLS matches the current recaps, then manually shift the first bowler down to fifth. It's more work on your part every week, and hopefully you only have to do it for the one team.
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it seems to be very common - I've not been part of a league that hasn't had at least one team doing some sort of scheduled extra person in my entire adult bowling life, and for four years as a junior bowler. 
As of now, it is manual. I'd love to automate it, but not limit it to the rotation I have above. I have another team that's thinking about doing a 5 man rotation where one stays on the team no matter what, just four of them jump in. 
This is not a feature at this time.  To be honest, it's not very common.  Some teams in some leagues may have worked out their own schedule, but not on an entire league basis. 
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