Local Association offers Discount to Seniors
Question asked by Neal Lerner - September 30, 2015 at 2:24 PM
in Harford County Maryland, Senior Bowlers are given a discount on the Local Sanction Fees.  This is not a Senior league so the discount does not apply to all bowlers.  How can I address this?

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Certification help is in chapter 13 of the manual, starting with page 125. To read the manual, under the "Help" menu, choose "Program Manual". Acrobat Reader will open.
With your league open, do the following (all "choose" will be under the Certify menu):
  1. Under the "Certify" menu, choose "League Association Fees".
  2. In the window that opens, click the "USBC" tab.
  3. Click anywhere in the grid. You will get a warning dialog asking if you want to unlock the table to make changes. Click "Yes".
  4. Enter the correct dollar amounts for your association. You shouldn't have to change "National" and "Basic", but "State" and "Local" need to be properly set.
  5. For your association discount, enter the appropriate dollar amount to the right of that. Not the dollar amount after the discount is applied, but the amount of the discount. That is, if the local dues are $7, and the discount is $3, enter 3.00.
  6. Click "Save Changes" and click "Close".
  7. Under the "Certify" menu, choose "Bowler Membership". 
  8. Process bowlers as you normally would. Highlight a bowler, and the radio button "Standard" should be selected. For everyone, you will likely check either "National Dues" or "Already Paid". If however you had someone who paid through another association and needs to pay the local dues only, select the "Additional" radio button, then check "Local Dues". If the state dues need to be paid (say, someone crosses over from VA or DE) check "State & Local".
  9. For a senior who will be getting a discount, after you've chosen "Standard", "Local Only" or "State & Local", select the "Discounts" radio button. Check "Local Discount - $#.##". The total due will be reduced accordingly. Note that this will be grayed out and not selectable if "Already Paid" is checked for a bowler. You can't have a discount off a zero payment.
This should take care of things for you.
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