Vancancy on my substitute list
Question asked by Robert Giunta - September 25, 2015 at 9:31 PM
I have three vacancy's listed on my substitute list that contain no data other than name of vacancy' How do I remove then from list?

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Go to Setup - Any Bowler - click the No Last Name - highlight the Vacant - then click the button Not a League Member.
The Vacancy will need to be shown whenever it's used on a team to include a vacancy score. If all teams are filled, then for the week FOLLOWING the week where the Vacancy was last used, it can be made not to display.
Once you are in that week, you can remove the vacancy display as follows:
  1. Under the Setup menu, choose "Edit Any Bowler".
  2. Near the upper left corner of the window that opens, locate "No last name" next to "A". Click that.
  3. Each Vacancy that you've used should appear here. Highlight a Vacancy by clicking on that in the list that appears below the array of alphabet letters.
  4. In the lower right area of the window, click either "Not a League Member" or "Quit the League". NOTE: If you get a warning that says "Scores are entered for this bowler....Remove the bowler anyway?" click "NO" that appears in the dialog. You do not want any dialog alert to appear when you click either "Not a League Member" or "Quit the League" will have to advance one week before you can remove.
  5. Repeat for other Vacancy entries in your league.
  6. When done, click "Home" or press ESC.
Note that if a team(s) winds up with a vacancy later on, you will need to restore as many of these Vacants for the weeks needed as applicable/necessary.
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Thanks for the help. You can learn something new every day.

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