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Question asked by Deb Fickett - September 18, 2015 at 2:02 PM
Every time I want to close my program it asks if I want to upload to League Secretary now.  I do not want to and would like to know if there's a way to omit this question and just close my program.

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I have to modify the answer I originally wrote because I originally based it on my own experience, and I always restart an existing league for a new season. But today I started an all-new league and experienced the same "reminder" that you wish not to occur, so now that I see how it comes about, I can present the following.
A new league won't have any settings (league ID and password) to upload, but the reminder is set to be "ON" anyway. So, to answer your question:
With your league open, under the "Weekly" menu, choose item "Upload League to Website(s)".
Several switches appear. The first of six switches is labeled "". It should be set to "No" (in red). You need to click on the red "No" to change it to a yellow "Yes". You will change it back later.
The tab on the left side of the window that reads "" should now be black, instead of grayed-out. Click on that tab. The settings screen for that upload now appears.
To the far right is a switch with a label "Upload after scores entered and league closes" that is likely set to a yellow "Yes". Click in that yellow area to change that switch to "No". Then click the green button at the bottom of the screen that appears that says "Save Settings".
The tab on the left that reads "Upload" should now be highlighted in a buff color and you will see the original set of six switches. At this time, locate the switch labeled "" and click on the yellow "Yes" to change it back to a red "No".
Even if the league has no configuration set to do this upload, this reminder will appear if that switch is set to "Yes" as the default setting within that area is to do the upload.
Press "ESC" on your keyboard or click the "Close" button at the top (with a green circle check mark next to it). This will remove this reminder.
Now, I still feel compelled to ask you to reconsider forgoing the upload. My reasons include (and I am not shilling for the website):
  1. My bowlers appreciate seeing the new standings as soon as they are uploaded (admittedly, I "spoil" them by doing the upload before I leave the bowling center).
  2. The league has a Facebook page as one place where the upload is made known, as well as communicating other things for the league and its members.
  3. In week 2, I made a score entry error on two bowlers that one member noticed and he made me aware of this. (The error was entering the absentee score for two bowlers as if the games were bowled, which would affect those bowlers' averages.)
  4. This is probably the biggest benefit: The website stores a backup file of your league for the last 2-3 sessions and you can download the backup from that website. One summer, my Windows computer completely crashed...I was able to restore Windows but I lost all documents including the league files and I would have been completely lost without that backup file. I backup to my own computer as one of the many weekly tasks, but those backups were also lost. Having the backup off-site at saved me uncountable hours of work to restore my league.
You certainly don't have to do this upload, but this is a free tool that's available to you. The webmaster works with the good people at CDE Software to be able to take the league file, display standings, and produce many other reports that your bowlers may very well enjoy seeing. Many of my bowlers use the web upload to tell them what lanes they will bowl on next week...granted, my league takes 28 lanes, but it's valuable in countless other ways.
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Always check, download, and install the most recent update of your software to ensure that issues may have been corrected.
For those that do upload to leaguesecretary, there is a setting on the setup tab that controls "Upload after scores are entered and league is closed." Sliding that to no lets you choose when to upload.

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