Substitutes scores should not count towards awards even after joining the league

There may be a scenario where a substitute bowler may become a regular team member.  

When the bowler is configured as a permanent bowler,  <%PRODNAME%> does not distinguish between games bowled as a substitute and games bowled as a regular team member.  

Games bowled as a substitute may appear on the Standing Sheet for league awards or the bowler may be listed for a league award even though they are not eligible due to insufficient games as a permanent bowler.

Under these circumstances, it will be necessary to over-ride the qualifying score to prevent them from earning the award.  

To do this, go to the week that the qualifying score was bowled:

1. Go to the menu bar > Weekly > Enter / Correct Current Scores.  

2. Navigate to the team with the bowler 

3. Go to the menu bar > Scores > Overrides


4. Select the bowler on the Over-ride screen and check the option to indicate the scores are NOT eligible for league awards