Export/Import Squad For TBrac

This feature is provided for BTM-2013 Standard Edition.  The Pro and A/S has brackets included.  However, BTM-2013 any version does not include Side Pot management or Mystery/Sweeper Doubles.  Customers with the Pro or A/S versions can utilize this function as well.

Go to E) Registration & Bowlers > 6: Export Squad for TBrac

Selecting this option will open a dialog where a filename can be provided and a location for the file selected. 

By default, the export file will be saved to your BTM\Tournaments folder and will be called <Tournament File Name>_squad#.t3e.

1.   Save the file to a location that is accessible by the TBrac-2006 program. If TBrac2006 is on a different computer, save the file to a USB Flash Drive, Memory stick or any other removable device that can be used on the computer running TBrac.

2.   When renaming the file, ensure that the .t3e file extension is maintained.

3.   If scores are entered into BTM - 2013, this file can be used to transport scores into the TBrac2006 program after re-exporting.

4.   In TBrac-2006, there will be an Import from File option under Run Tournament to import the squad.