Confirmation Letters

Tournaments with pre-registration will typically send Confirmation Letters to acknowledge receipt of the registration and provide information with regards to scheduled Squads and Events. BTM - 2013 provides a single location to compose and print confirmation letters and to print Address Labels.

Selecting this option will open the following screen:

NOTE: Confirmation letters can only be addressed to the designated Team Captain from the Registration screen.

Initial and Final Statements for Letter: BTM - 2013 provides the option to customize the opening and closing paragraphs for the Confirmation Letters. Simply type the additional text in the provided section. The information typed in these sections of the Confirmation Letter will be text only, there will be no formatting. If the same Initial and/or Final Statements may be used in a different tournament, click the associated "Save To File" button. Similarly, if a previously saved "Statement" is available, it can be used by clicking "Load From File". This option can be used to load any text only file. However, any additional formatting tabs or indentions may be lost.

Your Schedule/Statement is as follows: This section provides the option to include or omit the Schedule and/or Financial Statement on the Confirmation Letter. Simply uncheck the option to omit the item from the Confirmation Letter. This data is based on the Registrations and cannot be modified.

Print Letters will print the Confirmation Letters.  All the letters can be printed at the same time, or registration confirmation letters can be printed individually or in small groups.  Confirmation letters can be previewed prior to printing. 

To preview the confirmation letter for the selected registration entry, click on the Information button at the top of the screen.  The letter can be printed for the Preview Screen.

Print Address Labels 

Selecting this option will initially bring up the "Print Letters" dialog. This will allow you to select all team captains for all registrations or labels for a range of registrations. Click Begin Printing to access the label Setup screen.

BTM - 2013 provides options for three of the most common labels, 3x10, 2x10 and single continuous feed labels. If using a different style of labels, click the Customize button and designate the parameters of the labels to be printed to.