DUPLICATE BOWLERS / Removing Duplicate Bowlers

Occasionally, in a large tournament, a bowler may register with more than 1 team and their name entered multiple times.  If scores have been entered for the duplicate bowlers, make note of the scores for each bowler record. The following procedure can be used identify and remove duplicate bowlers:


1.Open E) Registration & Bowlers.

2.Click 4: Bowler Management

3.At the top of the screen, click on the Control Button with two people.

4.Select the criteria to be used for searching for duplicate bowlers, then click the Search on the above criteria button.

5.Locate the duplicate bowlers in the list.  To combine the listed bowlers into a single record, click on the each of the duplicate bowler names.  This will highlight each name as being selected.  Click on a bowler name to unselect the entry.  Once the bowlers to be combined have been selected, use the Combine the selected bowlers to open the drop down list, to select the primary bowler to keep.  Click Combine Now, to complete the duplicate removal.