Dropping a Team making League Uneven

When a team drops from the league to make an uneven number of teams, this can be addressed two different ways.

Method A: To continue with the points that the dropped team left, remove the players from this team and rename the team to BYE.


Method B:  To replace the dropped team with a new team with zero wins and losses:

1.Go to the week previous to when the team becomes a BYE

2.Click Utilities >League > Delete Future Weeks Data.
This will remove all weeks and score past this week to insure that the old team is no longer in the league for the future.

3.Now advance ahead to the next week.

4.Go to Utilities > Teams > Remove Teams.

5.Select the team that will be dropping and click on the Delete Team button to mark the team for deletion. If only one team is marked for deletion then that team will be replaced with a BYE team.

A team named BYE should replace the team that was dropped.

The BYE team will start with zero wins and losses.




We have had a few teams with vacant bowlers. This week we had a couple other team members quit. We need to make one team a Bye and move two bowlers to other teams who have vacant bowlers. We bowled the two bowlers who quit as Blind Bowlers this week. How do I move the two regular bowlers to other teams. Do I just need to drop the two who quit and remove their scores and move their team mates and their scores this week to other teams and change the name of that team to Bye. Desperately need instruction on how to do this.
Sharon Underwood (9/30/2016 at 10:48 AM)