Idea shared by Jim Merry - July 15, 2014 at 3:36 AM
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For future versions:
1. Could BLS minimize to the task bar instead of the desktop?
2. The recaps remember the assigned font like the standing sheet does.
3. Bowlers shown on the brackets alive by lane report be in current roster order.
4. When changing leagues, double click would open the league.
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1.You can just drag the desktop icon down to the task bar.  Then delete the shortcut on the desktop.   Win 7 right click and click on PIN TO TASKBAR ot drag it down to taskbar.
2. If using BLS2014 go to your recaps click printing then click FONT SETUP.  After you set up it will ask you if you want to save.  There is also an UNDO in case you don't like the way the recaps look, you can go back and change them.
If you are using BLS2013 go to H-11 and click on ABC to change fonts.
3 & 4  don't know about.
Item 1. I was talking about how BLS minimizes to the desktop after it's running. I already have BLS pinned to the task bar.
Item 2. I use different fonts for each of my leagues, so I have to go through the font setup whenever I print recaps for a league.
BLS-2015 will feature #1 and #4. 
We'll look at the other two for future versions.
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Thanks for your time.

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