limiting the times a person can place and cash in mixed doubles.
Problem reported by Donna Matthews - April 17, 2015 at 10:03 AM
Not A Problem
I have tried to set up the program to limit the times a person can place and cash in the hdcp mixed doubles event. There is a place in TOURNAMENT RULES -- TOURNAMENT OPTIONS -- Placing and cashing info -- in the drop down box I selected "Bowlers may place only one time in the top --- (I selected 5 places)
When I enter the scores and go to check the doubles results it still has 1 person winning 2 > 5 places.
What is wrong? I tried your chat option yesterday and got NANCY B --- she said I need to go into prize fund set up to for this. All that does is set up the places & amounts you pay out. Obviously she doesn't know this program.
[236-1CC2F042-040F] Live Chat Transcript

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Since this is a doubles event there is no way to limit an Individual. The TEAM (ie, Bowler1 & Bowler2) will not be allowed to be in the top 5 more than once, but Bowler1 with Bowler3 is a different team and will allow Bowler1 to be listed more than once.

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